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Hey guys so today I want to show you how to solve a Rubik's Cube for beginners and the first thing that we need to know are the pieces here are the corner pieces they will always be a corner piece these orange ones here are these side pieces they'll always be a side piece and then you have the center piece it will always be a center piece no matter which way you rotate the cube and then for the colors here's the red facing us the opposite of red is orange the opposite of green is blue and then the opposite of white is yellow next we have the rotation in this video whenever I say maybe the front side clockwise that just means this and then whenever I say the right side clockwise up side and here's the bottom left and then the back and then here just counterclockwise this direction alright now since we got the basics done let's go ahead and jump right in and solve it this Rubik's Cube the first step in solving a 3x3 Rubik's cube is to get a white cross on the white side of the cube and to do that we're going to start off by having the yellow side facing up we're going to create a daisy formation with the white sides around the yellow center so next we just have to find a white side piece which is right here so we'll just rotate it to a way that it'll go next to the yellow piece so if another ones are here we'll just rotate the left side up and then the last one is on the bottom here so we'll just rotate the bottom piece 180 degrees so now we have the the white Daisy around the yellow Center the next thing that we need to do is see what colors on the other side of this white piece so here is green so we'll just rotate this until we get to the green side and then flip this the right side 180 degrees the color on this side of the white face is blue so we'll just rotate it to the blue side flip the right side 180 degrees the other color to this white piece is orange go to the orange side flip it and then the last white piece we have red and go to the red side and flip this 180 degrees so now we have the white cross on the white side of the cube and to make sure that we have it correct you will see the colors match up orange green and red now we need to solve the white corner pieces to do that we just have to find the first white corner piece and see what colors on the other side of this white piece which is orange so we'll rotate the bottom to the orange side so then that this piece will be on the right side now we know for sure that this white piece with the orange needs to go right here in this corner and to get it up there we just can't do this because we a mess up our white cross so we have to rotate that back so what we need to do now is just rotate this bottom white piece out of the way this left side comes towards us and then if you're go ahead and replace this piece back to where it needs to go now rotate left side back up so then we went ahead and replaced this white piece so now here's another white piece or white corner piece that we need...